Last week we had a very nice surprise when Sarah was offered two potential music jobs.  The decision is that she will continue to work as ‘vicar’ (temporary) full-time organist in Lenvik until Christmas 2013, so we are really looking forward to having another full year working together. This has come about because the other full-time permanent kantor has extended his ‘permisjon’ in order to continue working for the Diocese, so we wish him well in his endeavors.

6 responses to “Gizzajob

  1. Congratulations on the job. I knew you would be offered something and you deserve it. Best wishes to you all. Christine

  2. Ah!! Fantastic! We sure do miss you all so very much, but are thrilled at the wonderful opportunites that God has afforded you! Much much love, The Myers

  3. Great news, Blamires! Blessed church community to have you both, as we well know! Loove, Totsie Moore

  4. Lyle Sapough, Murrells Inlet, SC, USA

    Wonderful news. So glad for you. I really enjoy the posts. Thanks.

  5. So happy for you, both! Sarah looks amazing…and I miss her terribly! Am very glad God’s “pipeline” led you here on your way North. Love and prayers, Leah

  6. Sarah, you look so happy! Every now and then, I can catch up with several weeks of posts. Work is full here, beginning to plan for Advent Lessons and Carols, Thanksgiving and Christmas! Its coming so fast! You’ll have to let me know if its easier to get things done when its dark outside all of the time.

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