En Eerie Silence (or Who Stole The Anemometer?)

Last night was Undomsgudstjenester (Youth Worship) in Finnsnes Church. It was planned by the MILK group (MIni Leders Kurs – mostly young people who were confirmands last year). It was a really good event, by (mostly) young people and for young people, on the theme ‘Never Alone’. We had several new singers join the band for the evening and it was great to hear most of the 100+ youth congregation joining in worship.

However as we left church to walk home, we realised something was wrong: instead of the familiar sound of gushing water, there was nothing – silence – someone had stolen the town anemometer. And as you will see from the pictures below, not only have the thieves stolen the fountain, but the ‘cute’ minature Norwegian houses from the town lake were gone too. The really observant, will also note that the rowing boat, which is normally moored outside the council offices, is missing (presumably used in the getaway). But the really strange thing is that there appears to be no police investigation nor press outrage.

Joking apart, this is just part of the winter preparations here. Last week we had a couple of days of wind which removed most of the leaves from the tree. The shops are advertising ‘ny sesong’ winter clothes, and the council have cleared the lake ready for the big freeze. Even at midday, the sun now seems to only make it up to a ‘mid-afternoon’ point in the sky. There are still things to be done, including informing the mosquitos that it’s way past time for them to die!

On hearing the news we would be moving to Finnsnes, a dear friend in South Carolina told me ‘You can’t go to the arctic – you’re too skinny’. So, we too have been making preparations for winter, with the aid of the church Internasjonal Kafe. After music from the Finnsnes strings and some singers from Congo, we feasted on delicacies from around the world.


6 responses to “En Eerie Silence (or Who Stole The Anemometer?)

  1. BRR! Makes me cold just looking at the pictures. I’m going to NY for
    Xmas again this year – remembering the blizzard a couple of years
    ago, I’ve got my fingers crossed. Will be thinking of you. Love,Zella

  2. Arctic Organist

    It’s not really that cold yet (a couple of nights below freezing), and it seems almost laughable having the snow poles out when there is no snow yet – but I suppose it’s a bit like Noah building the ark – it was funny until the rain started!

  3. Hmm. I think I’ll probably show you why I can sometimes be unpopular…. did anybody think it was funny until the rain started? Is that the urban myth of the Holy Bible? I think this is a bit like the “three kings” who went to see the Christ child…. except of course nowhere in the Bible are we told that there were three kings…. Mind you I do remember an amusing version of Noahs Ark that I had to do for the old GCE Music O’ Level, “Noah and His Floating Zoo” by Horovitz. There’s a very amusing scene in that where the onlookers jeer poor old Noah for his ship building “miles from any shore”…. perhaps it was the Gospel according to Horovitz you were referring to?

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