Husøy on Senja

Today was my first visit to the chapel on Husøy, Senja. Husøy is a small island fishing community at the north end of Senja, in Øyfjorden. Until relatively recently it was only accessible by boat, but then a road was built over and through the mountains, and a causeway was constructed to allow road traffic on and off. The drive is (as always) spectacular and I took time for photos on the way home.

The service itself was the culmination of Husøy ‘fokusuke’ (focus week), led by Mereta (our Christian education worker) and Glenn (one of the the pastors). About 50 people came and there was participation from a large proportion of the island children. After the service we enjoyed coffee and cake, and I took the opportunity to fix some faults on the organ.

Below are photos, and if you like the ‘immersive’ panoramas, there are four here:


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