Return Of The Winter-Wonderland

After a week or so mixed weather – snow, rain, warm(er) and cold, today we finally got ‘proper’ snow. And today we also had our all-important glatt kjøring course (smooth driving, ie. driving on snow and ice), which was fascinating and could be life saving!

Over the weekend we also got a taste of what happens when the road surface is below freezing and it rains. You get a sheet of ice which is almost impossible to stand up on, and we’re glad it was gone before we had to drive to service on Sunday morning.

Pictures below are taken over the last week. The light is amazing now we have snow, clouds and a low sun. However, driving requires much more concentration than before and it’s not so easy / safe to pull off by the road for pictures, so the photos are a bit ‘pedestrian’. The sunrise was taken at about 9am on Monday – the day it rained so there was no snow.


3 responses to “Return Of The Winter-Wonderland

  1. It’s a long time until Spring! I well remember all the years in Northern
    New Jersey – sometimes we didn’t see the ground for weeks. And
    driving can be an adventure. Stay ward and be careful. Zella

  2. Nay, but if you had been living in the Arctic, you would notice how everything changes so quickly. Indeed, within a week of the Winter Solstice one’s body will already be aware that the Spring is coming – even though Jon will have to wait a little over a month before he actually sees the sun again. Each day further from that point in time is so greatly lighter that one notices the change even in the three months the sun is under the horizon all day.

    Consequently, should Jon or one of his family begin to feel a little “down” (this is not uncommon. Some people suffer from “Winter depression”) this will be of some comfort. After the 21st December, they will soon be noticing a “gear shift” inside them.

  3. I remember when I was a child they had studded snow tires and when it was really bad, Dad would put chains on the tires. (obviously, I didn’t grow up in the Lowcountry!) Kentucky doesn’t get anywhere near the snow and ice that Norway does so do you also have these modifications for winter driving and are they even more extreme? Inquiring minds want to know!

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