Weddings and Worship

Last weekend we had the final weddings of this seasons. The last service at Finnsnes was in English, and it was slightly surreal to hear the Norwegian liturgy in ‘our’ language. The reason was that bride is new in Norway, and speaks very little Norwegian. It was also Sarah’s first outing as a wedding singer here, and she received a beautiful bouquet of flowers from the couple.

Sunday was filled with worship too, with services in three places. The evening family service in Finnsnes was very lively with lots of children and young families. Every year there is an invitation to all 4 year to come a receive a book designed to help them understand some of what happens in the church and to give them and their families resources to use at home, including songs and prayers. In Finnsnes over 40 children came for their books which was lovely, if a little chaotic! Also the children’s choir sang for the first time under our leadership and did very well. The YouTube video below is an audio recording of them singing with the band in the service. The quality isn’t great (a microphone at the back of the building) and we have work to do on the singing too, but their enthusiasm shines through! It’s also my first Norwegian song.

At the same service there were a lot of this years confirmands, including 9 who were apparently in charge of the lights and took their responsibility very seriously (notice one young lady practicing the art of the ‘switch off’ and four boys are researching the topic on an i-phone).


One response to “Weddings and Worship

  1. Love it! It sounds like you are having amazing results and much response to your work with the children. Karen Kearney

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