Living in a Christmas Card

Sorry for the long gap after the last post – we’ve been rather busy.

The snow came early this year and instead of melting in a couple of days, it’s actually stayed for well over a week. Sarah has been telling people it’s like living in a Christmas card, although there are some downsides, such as walking on sheet ice! This post is basically to put up some pictures, all taken around town. Now that the polar night is approaching fast, we have less than 6 hours ‘proper’ sunlight a day, although if the sky is clear there is plenty of light for a couple more hours. We have had some amazing sunrises and sunsets: unfortunately I think we’ve missed photographing the most dramatic. Last Sunday was also a full moon and Sarah and I enjoyed a beautiful moonlit walk in the snow to try out our new winter clothes (which were toasty warm), made even better by a visit to some friends – great company and the obligatory coffee and food!

Anyway, we’ll post more soon. Tomorrow is ‘Være i stillheten‘ and we’re still working on the video and images to go with the music, so busy, busy, busy . . .


3 responses to “Living in a Christmas Card

  1. Thanks for the snow pictures – we lived in snow country when the children
    were growing up – they made snow forts at the end of the driveway! After
    getting them into snowsuits etc. they were only outside a short time and
    came back in dripping wet snow and were ready for cocoa. Some fun!

    • Lovely to hear from you Zella. We’re looking forward to some ‘fort building’ too, although the temperature suddenly rose today and the snow is vanishing fast. Unfortunately that means that there is now water on the sidewalk ice, so everything is even more slippery. But I guess it’s probably only a short time until more snow.

  2. Just all looks so beautiful and tranquil!

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