Saturday on South Senja

Last Saturday we were treated to a day out on South Senja. Good food, good company and a spectacular backdrop.

It was about a two hour round trip on quite icy roads, so we glad to be driven, especially as on the way home we met a reindeer and her calf in the road, followed by a reasonably close encounter with a large elg (elk / moose).

Lunch was Tapas and after a barely adequate walk to the beach we ‘had’ to have coffee and several kinds of cake!

We rounded out the day with an evening at the Finnsnes kulturhus for the premier of the new James Bond movies, although that paled somewhat compared to the glories of creation we had seen earlier.

Photos are below (and the sunset picture were all taken before 2:45pm!) . There are also 360 degree panoramas at these links:


3 responses to “Saturday on South Senja

  1. jon and Sarah, what a beautiful cold cold country. Thank you for sharing with us. We are in the new home for a month now. The boxes seem to multiply at night while we sleep. We missed Sarah’s concert . Could not get the music.. The 2 of you do make the most beautiful music. you spoiled us.
    Joe and Charlie

  2. Spectacular photographs The Heavens are Telling the Glory of
    God. Alleluia! Hope all is well with you. Zella

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