Rossfjord In New Snow

Yesterday I played for a funeral in Rossfjord. Despite warnings of bad road conditions after lots of snow on Thursday, the journey was fine, with the main danger coming from the distraction caused by the views!

Daylight hours here are now short, so the first 9 pictures were taken not too long after sunrise (about 10am), and the rest were taken not long before sunset (about 1pm). the two long views taken from the bridge in of Rossfjordstraumen (the village centre) look seaward (salt water) and inland (fresh water or at least the top layer is fresh, so it freezes).

The snow and mist give an amazing ‘layered’ effect to the landscape.

On the journey home there was mist / fog over the lake frozen lake, making it difficult to see where land ended and water began.


2 responses to “Rossfjord In New Snow

  1. Brr! I get cold just looking at the pictures – I remember one year there
    was ice skating on the lake behind our house in New Jersey The week
    after Thanksgiving. – Not sure I would survive now. Zella

  2. So beautiful!

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