Polar Piety

This may seem like a strange title for a post with mostly pictures of sunrise / sunset, but the fact that I drove to Bjorelvnes church on Sunday morning at sunrise and was leaving shortly before sunset raises the interesting question of whether it is easier to be more ‘pious’ at the poles: after all, I spent almost the who day at church  (measured in terms of daylight), so surely that makes me a very pious person (did you spend all day at church last weekend?)!

Of course, God is not interested in these kind of pious claims (salvation is a free gift of God through faith, not something we earn), but jews and muslims have problems caused by having one very long ‘day’ in the summer (when the sun doesn’t set for a number of weeks), and the equivalent ‘night’ in the winter. Apparently they have special rules here. So, I’m glad not to be bound by rules (at least not those).

Anyway, Sunday was a delight with two family worship services, including the children’s choir, band and a dramatic re-enactment of Jesus stilling the storm (Kitty, your drama lives on in the arctic). Matthew 8: 23 – 27

As mentioned, the pictures were taken on the way to / from Bjorelvnes, looking over the sea to Senja (the pictures don’t really pick up how pink the mountains looked), and towards the Finnsnes bridge (on the way home) with sea fog rolling in. I’m not sure what made the paw print – do you have any suggestions Raleigh?


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