Hannah’s Pictures

Hannah and Kris flew back to England on Tuesday, including part of the journey on beleaguered airline SAS and they arrived home safely and on time.

Just before they came to Norway they got themselves a fancy new camera to record their visit, and were afforded many good photo opportunities here. They also learnt some valuable lessons, which I’m sure they will be happy to share:

  • Read the manual first (or at least experiment at an early stage). On their first evening in Finnsnes they got great views of the northern lights, but sadly the camera said it was too dark and refused to let them take pictures!
  • Don’t forget the charger (thankfully the low battery warning went away after they switched the camera off for a few minutes).
  • If you take pictures from a moving car with the windows wound down, the car will fill with rain / snow, and the muddy water thrown up by passing cars and lorries (good job I had a cleaning cloth in my glasses case).

So, below are some of the hundreds of pictures they took here, including:

  • Oslo attractions (sculptures, cathedral, pub, etc) – note to Raleigh: may be I should be worried about sabre-toothed tigers after all!
  • Hannah outside our apartment in the snow.
  • Tourist ‘hot-spots’ on Senja.
  • The lights beside the lake in Finnsnes.
  • The hills on the way to Tromsø (we drove there for the first time).
  • The arctic aquarium ‘Polaria’ in Tromsø, including a seal that seems to be able to read Chinese. Another note to Raleigh: yikes, I guess I have to be worried about polar bears too!
  • Tromsø harbour at night.
  • The ‘Arctic Cathedral’ with it’s new blue illuminations.
  • The latest fashions in snow suits and ski wear.

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