Going, Going, Gone!

Whilst the countdown on this page still indicates 17 hours before the sun will set for the last time until January and we enter the ‘Polar Night’, the reality is that due to local hills and somewhat cloudy skies, we haven’t had direct sunlight for well over a week already.

It is certainly dark for a large part of the day, although if you are out in the country, away from street lights, etc. there is day light for several hours more than might appear in the town. This was noticeable today as we drove to Husøy on Senja for a 5pm service: there were traces of sunlight in the sky until about 4.30, despite darkness seeming to be complete in town at about 3pm. The other thing which was very beautiful was strong moonlight on the mountains and sea, and apparently it will be even better once we have ‘proper’ snow. Unfortunately I decided not to take the camera, thinking it would be dark, ergo nothing to photograph. Sarah played in Rossfjord today and commented that it looked like the sky had been painted in unnatural colours, which she had never seen before.

Anyway, below are some pictures from Rossfjord, taken earlier this week. Having had our camera for nearly 6 years, this week I noticed a setting which makes the colours more vivid. I’ve often thought our pictures looked a little less colourful then reality, so I took some test scenes with the old and new settings. I’m not sure I like the results (the pictures are more vivid, but dark and seem to have less detail) – I think the truth probably lies somewhere in between . . .


2 responses to “Going, Going, Gone!

  1. The Solstice will soon be upon us. So if it all gets a little much, you won’t have so very long to wait before it starts going the other way again!

  2. I liked these pictures – very 3-dimensional – looked like paintings!Zella

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