Pond Life

Over the last few days Finnsnes Vann (the pond / lake in the middle of town) has been attracting new life. Now that it is well frozen, and in the absence of snow, it has become home for many skating activities, with children from perhaps 2 or 3 years old, through to more ‘senior’ adults taking to the ice. It is also being used by the schools for ‘PE’ lessons, and as a short cut by many children on the way to school.

If you have a library card it’s also possible to borrow a set of skates from the library for a few hours. The library is in the council offices next to church so hopefully we will have a go soon. If we don’t manage upright skating, some ‘enterprising’ locals have put a park bench on the ice which people can sit on whilst being pushed . . .

And finally, whilst we are feeling a little undated with all that happens here before in Advent and the encroaching darkness (and have not got so many good photos to share), our colleague Christopher Briggs, is promising at least one good photo a day during the ‘polar night’ on his blog.


2 responses to “Pond Life

  1. Loved the ice skating pictures – we lived on a lake in northern New Jersey
    lots of ice skating. One of our locals went to the Winter Olympics. Zella

  2. We are enjoying your Arctic Organist posts so much. Magnificent photographs from both you and your friend, Chris Briggs. Such scenery. We are glad to be in Advent. We think of you often and wish you and your family a Merry Christmas. You’ll see Santa before we will. Blessings, Roger and Kay

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