Bipeds On Ice

There are two reasons that bipeds don’t function well on ice – lack of frictioon, and gravity.

However, having this morning we choose to ignore the facts, and went to the library to borrow skates.  Only Susanna has skated before (or at least sat / crawled on ice), so we thought it would be an adventure. In the end, Sarah decided to settle for walking on ice in her boots. I remembered enough from rollerskating as a child to mange reasonably well (and without falling). Susanna met up with some friends and also did very well. It was very international, with a Brit, a Norwegian, Hungarian, and a girl from Chilli. English was their lingua-franca, although with some comedy moments (such as when the Norwegian thought the eastern European was saying she needed to eat, not explaining where she came from).

It was pretty cold again, so we had an opportunity to try our new snow suits.

At midday a local shopping centres promised a firework display to herald their exhibition of gingerbread houses. If you look really carefully in the picture of the trees, you can make out one of the 10 or so fireworks they let off. Perhaps it would have been better after dark . . .


2 responses to “Bipeds On Ice

  1. Jon -your pictures brought back fond memories of our first attempts
    at ice skating when we moved to Northern N.J. in 1955. It takes awhile
    to get the hang of it. Mom and Dad never excelled, but our kids got good at it – Barb did speedskating -Bill was on the ice patrol. Many years later
    a friend reminisced about how much they enjoyed standing around the piano singing Christmas carols and watching the skaters. Love Zella

  2. He setteth them in slippery places… 😛

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