Changing Skies

This has been a somewhat sad week in many of the communities in Lenvik, with 6 funerals, including a young man, only 20 years old. For Sarah and I it has meant quite a bit of traveling, although we are thankful for the clear roads and wonderful views. Travel in the south of Norway has apparently been much worse, and our next-door-neighbours in Sweden have had a terrible time with several feet of early snow creating chaos on the roads and bringing down power-lines.

As we head deeper into the ‘polar night’ the skies continue to amaze with the variety of colours which change minute by minute as the sun moves below the horizon, lighting the clouds.

These pictures were taken on Tuesday at Rossfjord, shortly before and after a funeral. There was an amazing bank of cloud over the sea, obscuring most of the mountains:

These pictures were taken a little later in Finnsnes, on the journey home. The same cloud was over the sea, just out of these pictures, but there were lots of small patches of fog. You can see how the light and colour changes, even in a few minutes.

And finally, these pictures were taken yesterday (Thursday), again at Rossfjord. Again there was some cloud at sea level, and the light was completely different – very blue. Wednesday night was very cold and still, and there must have been a little moisture in the air, because everything was covered in bright white frost.


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