Old News

Here are some short ‘snippets’ from the last week or so:

How Many Men . . .

We all know the jokes about how many xxxx does it take to xxxx (fill in the blanks), eg

  • How many Episcopalians does it take to change a light bulb?
  • Change? CHANGE????


  • How many (insert name of the country to be mocked) men does it take to change a light bulb?
  • One. And ten to turn the round round

Etc. Well, the question here is how many men (and women) does it take to erect a Christmas tree (without decorations), and the answer is approx 10, although some had gone before I could get my camera.

Sun and Moon

Last week I had two photos published in Folkebladet, the local news paper. One was of the moon in the same part of the sky as the dawn colours (can’t really call it sunrise, as we don’t see the sun!). Unfortunately to make it fit the space they chopped the moon off, leaving people asking me where the moon had gone. Here is the complete picture:


Last Wednesday was 12/12/12, and at 12.00 we had the first of 3 weddings. I guess brides like these memorable date as it increases the chance of getting an anniversary card? Because these were church  services it was not possible to exactly time the 1st kiss at 12/12/12 12.12, so another couple made the front page of the papers, but hopefully all are successfully married, regardless. Because of some rather unusual ‘secrecy’ laws here, I cannot ever reveal the names of the couple.

Safety First

Last week I mentioned that we had sort of celebrated St Lucilia day, and that (at least in Sweden) girls where crowns with real lighted candles. The Norwegians, being more safety conscious, wear these:


A few days ago my friend Christopher Briggs wrote about the special colours of the polar night here in the Arctic, including brown. Well today we also had brown, just as the sky was beginning to lighten at 8.30AM (note that on a cloudy day it doesn’t even get this bright at noon!):

And Finally – Who Shrunk The HURTIGRUTEN ?

Today I played for a funeral in Bjorvelnes, which involves a drive along one ot the coast roads. Just after 12, on the return journey, I took these pictures, including the coastal ‘steamer / ferry’, the Hurtigruten. Hurtigruten is not one boat, but rather the service, which means that at least 4 boats are working simultaneously, up and down the coast of Norway. Usually the boats are quite modern and large, but occasionally in the winter they use one of the old ones, pictured here.  If you have a lot of free time / a good internet connection over Christmas / New Year and want to ‘explorer’ the Norwegian coast, you can still watch the Hurtigruten – minutt for minutt program from NRK (click the interactive map to watch the video from that location).


3 responses to “Old News

  1. And we complain when we have dreary day! I guess you have no choice
    but to adapt, and for the locals, that’s just the way it is. It looks like the
    steamer has an icebreaker bow! We had an Ordination Service Saturday
    and Conformation Service on Sunday – Community Messiah at the
    refurbished Winyah Auditorium using our harpsichord – beautiful .Merry
    Chriistmas to you and your family. Love, Zella

  2. Hey-do they have issues with Seasonal Affective Disorder up there in the winter? I think I’d have to get a “grow light” cause I get blue if it’s overcast and dreary for a week! Your pictures are so lovely-you should think of getting a coffee table book published:)


  3. Occasionally in the winter? No, this is exactly the same throughout the year. The hurtigrute are a fleet, and a few of them are like the “Lofoten”, which I think this one is. You can see which one is arriving where and when by going to http://www.hurtigruten.no/Distansereiser/Skipe-na/ and you can read about the fleet here http://www.hurtigruten.co.uk/Travel-planner/Ships/Hurtigrutens-Ships/

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