Shortest Day

Yesterday (21 December) we experienced the shortest day here (daylight hours, not working hours!). However, it was one of the brightest in a while so we actually had more hours of useable daylight than expected (about 5 hours). Below are pictures taken just after 9am with a spectacular dawn. The camera didn’t do a very good job with the colours (see the panorama stitched from pictures taken only seconds apart!), but it was a very fiery red.

The ‘dark time’ has so far been fine for us, and we haven’t really felt like we missed the sun that much. Looks like we can survive the arctic!

Today, 22nd December, dawned purple – brown. There hasn’t been too much to do, so we got skates from the library in anticipation of some fun.

2 responses to “Shortest Day

  1. I recommend fixing the photos with something like Gimp2 (there are many). Compare my panorama today – my camera did exactly the same thing as yours did. You can “fix” it by first focusing it on the horizon glow, and then moving it to the side and shooting the side – then put the photographs through Gimp (or similar program) before you stitch them together.

    I don’t think we need to have a bad conscience doing this. We’re not telling fibs about these special colours, but rather trying to present them truthfully. Unfortunately, a picture taken with the camera alone just won’t do it, and looks nothing like what we see.

    Those who look at my pictures can rest assured that they are looking at what I saw, as faithfully presented as technology can present it.

    Anyway you are now over the “worst”, Jon, and you will be amazed how quickly you notice that the days are lengthening. You will notice that, probably, already next week just before New Year.

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