Anemometer 2

Given the loss of the main town anemometer, church have stepped in and supplied the backup system, in the form of a Norwegian flag. It comes in 3 sizes – small, medium and large, and you can tell roughly what weather we are having / will have, by the size being flown.

  • Large – calm, dry weather
  • Medium – quite windy and /or wet
  • Small – very wind (and probably wet)

Today was a small flag day, because it was pretty wind, although not the forecast gusts of 80mph. The first picture below was taken at about 9.30 am, and you can see it was also quite dark (it’s cloudy, but thankfully not raining). The second (a bit more exposure) shows the flag flapping at a blurringly high speed (is blurringly a word?).

The last couple of days the temperature has also risen from the -5 to -15C range of the last 6 weeks, to hovering around freezing. Whilst it’s nice that it’s warmer outside, it created a problem for us: our outdoor ‘freezer’ has defrosted (we’ve been using the storage compartment of our outdoor seat on the veranda to keep frozen foods as our proper freezer isn’t very large). So, today we will eat lots of pizza!


2 responses to “Anemometer 2

  1. We had french doors to an elevated deck in NJ and we frequently used
    in as an outside refrigerator (good way to cool a pot of soup). I some-
    times miss it – our patio is not suitable now – critters would probably get
    it, and it usually isn’t cool enough. Happy New Year!

  2. I’d be careful storing food where you say you do,
    Among the ice and snow,
    The “Julenisse” might come and like it too,
    He’s done so much you!
    You’d be tired working every day as he,
    Delivering presents and for no fee…
    His reindeer are quite hungry either way,
    As are the mundane moose and mice,
    Use faith to send each “nisse” away –
    but the latter still think food is nice.

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