Christmas – again – again

Yesterday was a bit like Christmas (again). Just after Tuesday lunchtime  ‘andakt’ (short act of worship), a large Posten lorry pulled up outside the offices and a cheery postman, who spoke very good English, off-loaded 3 pallets of new musical instruments and sound equipment (pictured in the ‘weapon house’, with Frank, the youth minister – I’d better stop as it’s starting to sound like Cluedo / Clue).

Sadly the delivery wasn’t for me personally, but we are happy that, without us asking, the church council decided to upgrade the sound system in Finnsnes, and various other monies were found for a new digital piano and digital drum set. The only snag was that everything had to be ordered before the end of 2012, which was a bit stressful in the run up to Christmas.

Anyway, having spent the best part of a day unpacking and testing equipment, Sarah immediately noticed how sweet the sound now is. We can’t fully install it just yet because some equipment wont arrive for a couple of weeks, but it has come just in time for a large youth event tomorrow.

Oh, and today dawned much brighter and more colourfully!


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