Northern (Over) Exposure

A couple of weeks ago we noticed an old TV-series is being shown again. ‘Northern Exposure’ is a whimsical drama about life in a small town in Alaska: it’s good humoured, there’s no real violence, and the ‘romance-interest’ never seem to quite get together. We liked it back in the UK, but this time it has come a lot more alive as we notice similarities to life in Northern Norway, with the midnight sun and polar night, etc, and the many US cultural references.

As to the ‘over’ part: we’re beginning to wonder if we will suffer a little over-exposure. This week Sarah was asked to sing for:

  • a meeting of one of the local political parties (the Christian Peoples Party),
  • Kirketref (a fellowship evening at church with a special emphasis on invitations to people with learning disabilities),
  • and a fund-raising lunch at church today.

3 gigs in 2 days, 2 in the same place? Well at least there was almost no overlap of attendees! Pictures below are of her ‘in action’ at church today.

The fund-raiser also featured coffee and, not too surprisingly, a lot of yummy cake, as well as an ‘Amerikansk Auksjon’. Whilst we fully conversant with coffee and cake, we have never encountered an American Auction before, even when we lived in the US. It’s an interesting twist on auctioneering, and it works like this:

  • A ‘secret’ price is assigned to the item for auction.
  • People bid until the undisclosed price is reached.
  • The person who placed that bid wins.
  • In order to place a bid you must pay the balance between the previous bid and your bid.
  • The winner does not pay the price of the item.

Clear as mud? It took us a while to work it out too! However, the good new is that 1 cake and 2 baskets of fruit generated about 3800 kroner (380 pounds / 700 dollars). Not bad.


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