En Fin Himmel

Today dawned beautiful! Almost clear skies, the return of wonderful colours, and a low moon over the sea. I traveled to Sandbakken Kapell on Senja for a morning service, and am glad of being driven as it afforded the opportunity to take photos (albeit a little trick from a moving car!).

This afternoon was the culmination of ‘Lys Våken’ in Finnsnes Kirke, celebrated with a large family service, including the ‘Lys Våken’ children, barnekor (Junior Choir), and giving out Bibles to some of the 5th class children.  ‘Lys Våken’ is a special overnight ‘party’ for children in the 6th class, celebrating Jesus our light.

As well as the pictures below, there is also a 360 degree panorama here.


5 responses to “En Fin Himmel

  1. Congratulations on the return of the sun! Looks glorious. It’ll come very quickly now – and in five months you’ll be wishing it would leave you alone for a bit at night!

    • I’m afraid Jon won’t have to wait that long. Although he gets the Midnight Sun 21st May, in practice the last true night is the 10th April. By the end of April, the night has gone altogether. By the end of March, only a week after the equinox, the evenings will be light until about nine once the clocks are put forward.

  2. hi Jonathan, Sarah and Suzanna, we have been following your blog and you live in just a beautiful place. We have been thinking of you in the dark days and so glad you have some daylight now.
    love and best wishes to you all
    Jacquie Roy and katie

    • Arctic Organist

      Hi Jacquie Roy and katie. Yes, it is beautiful, and cold, although strangely we prefer the ‘real cold’ when it is crisp and dry, to the more ‘English’ rainy 1C!


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