Snow Fun & Sunshine

On Saturday the adults took time out to embarrass the children (or at least they’ll probably be embarrassed when they see this video!). We purchased the cheapest form of ‘sledge’ available and sledged on the hill which leads to our apartment. We think the neighbours are now convinced we’re nuts. I tried to explain to a curious passer-by that we’re English, but either my Norwegian was too bad, or he was foreign too, because all I got was a puzzled look. After we had practiced on the road, we decided to try our luck on the slope outside church. However, the snow was so powdery and deep, we simply sank in!

Yesterday we finally saw the sun for the first time since last November. However, it came out during morning worship and had gone again by the time we had finished, so only caught glimpses through the church windows, although it lit the stained glass was beautifully. In the evening we were treated to a clear sky and the full moon illuminating the snowy mountains as we traveled for worship on Senja. Sadly we didn’t have a camera, but hopefully there will be other opportunities. Clear skies also signaled plummeting temperatures, and we noticed -20C (-4f) on the journey. This might sound quite cold, but the air was very still and dry, so you didn’t even need a coat – at least for a few minutes!

Anyway, here are the adults having fun:


2 responses to “Snow Fun & Sunshine

  1. Adults can have fun too! I remember a party we had at our house when
    we lived in a lakefront home which was terraced down to the waterfront.
    Grown men and women were sliding down the back yard on a saucer
    and had an uproariously good time. At the end of the evening we had
    breakfast – scrambled eggs. etc. Oh to be young!

  2. Mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the nighttime cold?

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