Fire In The North

This evening TX Viking kicked off their events in Finnsnes. It was an amazing time, from the prayer meeting before hand, to the feats of strength which supported the clear message of the gospel, and the highlight of the evening – about 70 young people coming forward to make a deeper commitment to Christ – that was over half of the people who attended. In some places this might not be unusual, but here, most have been in church at most 2 or 3 times a year! WOW. And there are new groups they will work with through the weekend. What a mighty God we serve. Thank you to everyone who is praying, please keep it up, not only that many will decide to follow Jesus, but that they will stick with it.

The evening raises many questions for the Norwegian Church, but perhaps the most philosophical is “who first thought of rolling up a frying pan?”.

We hope to put up a proper video of the evening, but it will be a couple of weeks coming. In the meantime, here is a short extract and some pictures.


4 responses to “Fire In The North

  1. Wow – what a powerful message! Do they travel to the US?

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