A Beautiful Day

First a quick update on the TXViking youth event yesterday:

  • We had miscounted the number of young people who came forward – it was 85, not 70!
  • In case anyone thinks that the Vikings were only about physical / simple stuff, I spent some time with the largest of them and he speaks 4 languages, and is starting to write a book, distilling the wisdom of the early church fathers for young people! It also turns his dad is from Kendal – maybe we’re related?

Today I played for a funeral at Lysbotn Kappell on Senja, and the drive was stunning. I needed sunglasses. Couldn’t resist taking rather a lot of pictures (about 150, but I’ve whittled them down!). What is more beautiful – sunshine or salvation?


One response to “A Beautiful Day

  1. It all goes hand in hand, Jon
    Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall–Rain, sleet, snow and then the glorioius sunshine like our Savior holding out his hand for us to take.

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