A Splash Of Colour

This has been a very busy week, as we plan for discipling the large number of young people who came forward to make commitments when TX Viking visited last week. On top of that Sarah was away in England for a week (so missed all the excitement), and an initial visit to Husøy on Senja to help breathe some life back into a shrinking Kappell brought 30 children and 10 adults (that’s about 20% of the population). Oh, and yesterday we had ‘Være i stillheten’ which was well received and appreciated.

And the colour? On Thursday, the church flew the Sami flag (the Sami are the indigenous people who live across Norway / Sweden / Finland / Russia. Today was one of our favourite times – International Kafe, with lots of different foods and cakes. And we’ve been seeing the most amazing colours in the sky.

One response to “A Splash Of Colour

  1. Firstly, with respect to choirs. I find it ironic that in many places in England (speaking of my teenage years) church after church *forced* robed choirs from their stalls (at the front) because this were deemed “elitist” – and placed them, without their robes, either as a group in the congregation, or else at the back. Here many choirs traditionally have sung from back galleries, and the reformist voices here want to put them…. forward!

    Otherwise, regarding the meaning of words – or rather the lack of them – and the Sunday worship, you’re starting to learn:) Welcome to the club…

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