A Little (More) Humour For (Another) Miserable Day

Today, Sunday, it’s still raining, and several roads have become rivers. Looking on the bright side, as one person said after church this morning ‘at least it’s not snow’, with a gesture to suggest that it would be a number of feet deep if it were. On the other hand, there were also several skiers worriedly discussing whether winter was over 2 months early.

So, in the continued absence of anything very photogenic, here is a little more humour. Some humour travels well, and here is an example of one of Great Britain’s greatest exports, now working for a chain of Norwegian supermarkets: Mr Bean:

Next comes ‘off beat’ (pun intended): Norwegian soldiers and military band with their version of Michael Jackson’s Thriller, ‘performed’ during the changing of the guards outside the Royal Palace in Oslo. I begs the question, why? Possible answers include:

  • Someone in the Royal family request it,
  • The army decide to delight the royals with a surprise (maybe for a royal birthday?),
  • This is some kind of specialist manoeuvre used in anti-terrorism and counter-espionage work,
  • The army employed a band master who previously directed a high school or college band in the US.

Thriller starts at about 2.40:

Finally, some humour requires a little cultural understanding. For example, what has become know as the “Æ Ø Å” song. You need to know that:

  • There are 3 extra vowels (Æ, Ø and Å) in the Norwegian alphabet, which come at the end, after Z.
  • Norwegians invented the cheese slice (every home has several), and also the paper clip, although there’s no reference to in the song.

Because of the widespread use of English in Norway, it’s hard to gauge whether the fact that the song is in English is ironic or not. Also, be warned, sadly Norwegian ‘Youf’ employ a lot of English swear words, including in their songs. Perhaps cursing in another language is not as shocking, but I I have never heard Norwegians using their equivalent words as liberally.

2 responses to “A Little (More) Humour For (Another) Miserable Day

  1. I saw your lovely ladies this morning – nice addition to the choir.

  2. Sorry about your terrible weather – but according to the national news it’s not rained so much on a February day in Finnsnes since 1961 so hopefully it’ll be a while until next time. And they’re only forecasting another four days of pouring rain. Want to come on a visit? Tim

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