White To Green

Today it finally stopped raining. It’s only been 3 days, but it’s seems like a long time. It’s certainly changed the landscape. We now have an Olympic sized swimming pool where the ice skating area of Finnsnes Vann (pond) has flooded. The roads are now largely clear of ice, and at low altitude much of the snow has gone, revealing grass.

Yesterday when I drove to Lysbotn Kappel on Senja for a funeral, road conditions were much worse. There were large areas of standing water and  rivers which flowed over the ice on the roads, channeled by the walls of ice left from snow ploughing earlier in the year. It makes driving difficult and potentially dangerous (one lady told me that she had done a little ‘dance’ in her car, using the whole road, but thankfully not a ditch). The local council are working hard to drain the roads, using a steam machine to clear drains and a digger with an ice pick to make holes in the ice ‘walls’ beside the roads. Sorry no pictures – it took all my concentration to stay on the road, and if you stop, it can be hard to getting going again on the ice: momentum is everything!

And white to green? Well the peculiar thing is that melting snow / ice and rain seems to produce green rivers and lakes. The water is on top of ice so, it’s not picking up the colour from the ground, so you would expect it to be clear. Very odd.

Anyway, this is Finnsnes today, which looked a bit like it might in May!

One response to “White To Green

  1. The green colour in the rivers and lakes is due to the mineral deposits that have been lifted from the ground as the ice has stood and moved a tiny amount, for some months (a bit like mini glaciers). These mineral deposits that are then floating in the melted ice give it its destinctive green / turquoise colour.

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