The Day After Tomorrow

Yesterday a weather warning was issued for northern Norway, which judging by the satellite photos means we could get weather a bit like the extreme low pressures featured in the movie, The Day After Tomorrow. The warning is of ‘polar lows’ – very localised low pressure areas which can develop over the oceans of the arctic region, leading to “wind, rain or snow avalanche danger  so great that life and property may be lost”. From space they look a bit like mini hurricanes.

So, we have been warned . . . and if we’re still her tomorrow, then the day after I will be able to update you on whether we suffered weather tomorrow, like the day after tomorrow, of which we were we warned yesterday, and wrote about today.

Forstår du?


3 responses to “The Day After Tomorrow

  1. Methinks the chances of your fuel freezing from supercooled cooled air from the stratosphere are more than a little remote…

  2. Are y’all OK??? Anxiously waiting to hear… Virginia

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