Rebirth Of The Vikings

Last Sunday while we enjoyed worship in a tent, a few very hard folk were being inducted into the Ottar Klub (or being made ‘Vikings’).

Ottar was a local viking chieftain, and apparently quite an erudite man. In the picture below he is featured with his prototype ‘short boat’. Others later perfected the design and renamed it the ‘long boat’ (a long boat is like a short boat, but with the addition of a front [sorry, bow] which helps to prevent sinking).


Sadly, despite knowing that Ottar would probably mostly likely be found at home reading a  good book with a glass of cognac or preparing tofu stew for his international guests, the ‘Ottar Klub’ insists on perpetuating the myth of viking toughness via their initiation events, which include long-distance skiing (up-hill), sparking (like dog-sledding but without without the aid of dogs) and finally jumping in the sea (ice permitting).


Our local newspaper were on hand to film it.


4 responses to “Rebirth Of The Vikings

  1. Ha, ha, ha, ha……….!Addition of a front to prevent sinking! Still laughing and was snorting by the time I read “tofu”. Miss you guys!

  2. PS….when are YOU joining, Jon? Anyone brave (there is another word but I’ll stick with “brave”) enough to ride a bike across the Maryville bridge on Hwy 17 is probably Viking material.

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