Happy Skiers

The last few days we’ve had plenty of snow, but not to the point of causing major problems, and between the snow it’s been sunny, so the skiers are happy.

Last weekend the church held a ‘loppemarked’ (flea market) for used winter sports equipment and clothing, so we are now equipped with cross-country skis, although whilst most of Norway now heads out into the country to ski, we are  stuck at work preparing for the Easter period. Ski-mania as has a knock-on effect on some of our activities such as junior choir and youth music (oh, and joy of joys, the football season starts soon). It’s somewhat bizarre that on the most important day of the Christian year (Easter), so many here will go skiing, that some churches either cancel their services or postpone them until people come back. Maybe the solution to the interminable clashes of national holidays with Christian holy-days is for the Norwegian Church to affiliate with the Orthodox church!

Here are some pictures taken today:

  • Mountains (self-explanatory)
  • Snow clearing. The man driving the snow-clearing machine is on the town pond uncovering the ice to form a skating rink – not something we witnessed very often in Georgetown. It sounded like  an electric device – very green. Maybe if Thomas Andrew is reading this he can enlighten us?
  • Snow piles. What do you do with all the snow that you clear? In the country it’s usually straightforward – push it, or blow it into the fields beside the road. However, you can’t do that in towns, or you will bury the pedestrians. So, they make very large piles, several storeys high,  in any available space (mostly car parks). Then, in the dead of night, they dump it in the sea – one mechanical bucket lead at a time – not very green.
  • The two men in the window are former kantors – Bach and Mozart. They’re presence in my office is slightly worrying to me: will I be the next victim of a head-shrinking cult, or it reserved for famous people? My worry is compounded because when I arrived at Prince George, I found the shrunken head of Beethoven in my office: is this a conspiracy? To make matters worse, they don’t look very happy and I can’t work out why – is it the view out of the window, the standard of my musical arrangements, or do they just not like each other? Any thoughts or suggestions?

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