Påskefestuka – a good Norwegian compound word – Påske (passover / easter) fest (party / festival) uka (week).

Starting tomorrow, we have something everyday in Finnsnes church as we celebrate Holy Week, also know here is Easter week or ‘still’ week (although there doesn’t seem to be anything very still about it). It’s a combination of ‘arts’ and worship, this year including a Salmekveld (hymn-singing evening), a special children’s Easter event, Være i Stillheten (classical music with images and video for Holy Week), and an Easter labyrinth (a first in Finnsnes). We hope it will be a week when people can take time out to think and pray over the events of Holy week and Easter, and meet the Risen Lord.

Last year, in the weeks before we moved to Norway, we were excited to read about the concerts in Påskefestuka. Sadly the reality is that whilst the concerts were no doubt very good, in recent years attendance has declined rapidly (with the associated financial losses), so we’ve decided to try a more diverse and ‘all-local’ approach – we’ll see if it makes a difference.

Here’s the program: you’re welcome to join us all the events (click to enlarge):


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