Easter Gardens

We keep discovering that whilst we recognise some words and phrases, they have a completely different concept to what we expected.

For example, before Christmas the church had Julspille (Christmas plays): we assumed that this meant that schools used the church building as a space to put on their Christmas performances for parents, etc – therefore not much work for us. WRONG – in Norway it means Church staff and volunteers put on the a Christmas play for the schools – which took about 5 working days of time – a bit of a shock in the run up to Christmas!

Last week it happened again. This time the footnote in the calendar simply said ‘Easter gardens’. OK, so in England that probably means that we help the children make either individual or a collective Easter garden: a foil tray with some soil, a bit of aluminium / aluminum foil for a pond, some flowers and moss for foliage, a yogurt pot for the grave ‘hole’, a stone rolled away, oh, and maybe a ‘lolly stick’ empty cross: not much for a kantor to do. WRONG – in Norway it means we build a ‘set’ – a bit like the Easter garden described above, but 10′ long, and then all the local pre-schools come in (one at a time) and we ‘dramatise’ events from Palm Sunday to Easter day, using play-mobil / lego characters, punctuating the story with suitable songs. Again, a bit of a shock when it took the best part of 5 working days in the run up to Holy Week / Easter!

That said, we’re not complaining. Both the Julespill and Easter Gardens work brilliantly. I was amazed to see children aged 18 months – 5 years sit mesmerized for nearly 3/4 of an hour!

See if you recognise everything . . .

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