Yesterday was the Påskelabyrint (Easter Labyrinth) – part of our Påskefestuka (Holy Week Festival). The church was transformed into a giant ‘maze’ using the chairs (so much more flexible than pews!), with 12 prayer and reflection areas. We certainly got a work out moving everything, and we’re very grateful to Solrun, Mereta, Ernst and Ann-Eva for all their help! This was also in no small measure made possible due to the support of Tracy and Tim – thank you!

Visitors, many in tears, spoke of how powerfully it affected them – spending time in quiet with God and thinking over what Jesus has done for us. Some went away and fetched others back!

It’s difficult to capture in pictures the essence of the event, but at least you’ll see what we did to the room (you can enlarge the wide-angle shots for more detail). There is also a 360 degree picture taken from the centre here.

2 responses to “Påskelabyrint

  1. Happy Easter to you and Sarah and the girls. What a great idea with the labyrinth. We miss you, Kay and Roger

    • Arctic Organist

      Hi Roger and Kay. Lovely to hear from you. I guess given the shape of PG you could have a ‘labyrinth’ too! Not sure how it would be received though.

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