Sparke-Park (How Do You Get To Church?)

We’ve had a lot more snow in the last few days – enough to have our church administrator begin to talk about needing to clear the church roof because of the weight! Also many roads and tunnels have been closed, and parts of Senja have been cut off for nearly a week. So, we haven’t done much traveling, hence not many photos.

But, to ‘kick’ off today, here is a picture of our Sparke park. To ‘sparke’ in Norwegian means to kick, and it’s also the name given to ‘push along’ sledges, much favoured by the elderly to help them stay upright on the pavements (sidewalks). Sometimes there are nearly as many sparkes in the car park as there are cars (we’re waiting to see if the local council will try to enforce their new parking charges!).








All the snow has given us an opportunity for a bit more skiing. Susanna and I have had two trips out. On Easter Saturday we were invited to join Frank and his boys. We skied about 1km along a prepared ski track (a bit under a mile), then turned off into deep snow, to a ‘bowl’ they had previously hollowed out of the snow, where we built a fire, grilled sausages (very traditional), drank juice, and dug holes. Susanna also learnt that you don’t take your skis off in deep snow (or you will end up waist deep and have difficulty getting out)! Pictures below.

And finally there are a couple of pictures of the view from my office.


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