Rhapsody In Blue

On Friday we had a most-of-the-day trip to Yttersia Senja (Outer Senja), which was cut off from the ‘outside world’ over Easter due to blocked roads and avalanche risk. The main purpose, sadly, was to play for the funeral of one of three men killed in an avalanche, but we also took time for a leisurely drive with lots of photo opportunities.

Despite temperatures up to +15C (very warm for the time of year), there was still lots of snow. The blues in the sky, sea and reflections on the snow were amazing. I have posted photos of many of the places from last summer and earlier in the winter, but the views seem more intense now.

The journey from Finnsnes over Senja including Straumbotn:

Skaland is situated on Bergsfjord. Skaland Kappell is where we played for the funeral (I’ll post something on the organ a bit later). There are many islands in the mouth of Ersfjord, although with snow on them they look a bit like icebergs!

Ersfjord, including the ‘Devil’s Teeth’ – a famous tourist attraction. There was 3 to 6 feet of snow covering the walk-way to the beach from where most people take photos. We tried walking, but we were up to our knees in snow, so didn’t get very far. We’re also seeking to identify the 3-legged creature which left foot-prints.  Another amazing thing here is the way that the snow comes right down to the high-tide mark, so the ground is white, then a narrow strip of dark rocks in the ‘tidal zone’ and then the sea.

The return journey to Finnsnes included several tunnels which have very impressive ice-flows and icicles – the photo in the tunnel has many bright lines, caused by reflections from icicles:


9 responses to “Rhapsody In Blue

  1. the most beautiful pictures i have ever seen.

  2. as usual-awesome!! They had a news report here (national) tonight about sensational northern lights in Alaska, Sweden and I thought, Norway-anything special lately?? Va

    • Yes, in theory Norway had spectacular northern lights twice recently. Sadly on both occasions we had cloudy skies, so we saw squat. Oh well.

  3. Fabulous pictures Jon!

  4. 15 degrees? That really is warm for the year! I think you have miswritten….

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