Mud Month

Last week our dear friend Zella commented to us “I remember  being at Lake Placid, N.Y. once for a convention – they call April “Mud Month” and those that can leave”.

I don’t know what the equivalent Norwegian is for Mud Month, but we are certainly getting it in Finnsnes now. What remains of the snow is looking distinctly grubby, and to coin Henry Ford’s phrase “You can have your car in whatever colour you want – as long as it’s brown!”.

After church yesterday we sat in the sunshine on our veranda as the temperature soared to 14C (almost summertime temperatures) and the snow melted around us, although it might be a while before the playground is useable again.

Oh, and joy of joys, the sea-gulls are back, so it wont be long before we’ll be enjoying 24 hours of sea-gull-song and avoiding walking under lamp posts. But spring is on the way . . .


2 responses to “Mud Month

  1. Your thermometer is in the sun! I’m afraid you are right to call it a “lying” thermometer. The sunlight invalidates the reading. It could be no higher than 8 degrees, and *probably* about 4 degrees (8 degrees is however forecast later for this week) – in my opinion.

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