Celebrating A Year In Norway! – Part 2

The close of this week has brought back memories of my first few days in Finnsnes, and we’ve celebrated Norwegian style – with a cake! Friday was international Bible study and Saturday was our ‘favourite’ Saturday activity – International Cafe (Sarah likes curry for breakfast!) – pictures below.

Trives du i Finnsnes?

Do you like it in Finnsnes? This is the oft-asked question. And the follow up – was it the right move?

Yes, we like it in Finnsnes and Norway. It’s not that we didn’t like living in other places, it’s just different. Most importantly, it’s where God has called us now, and on that basis alone, it would have been the right move. But more than that we have been truly blessed, seeing God at work in our lives and in the church and people around us. And if, 18 months ago, anyone had tried to tell us that we’d just jump in the car at 9pm on Saturday evening to go for a quick  ski, we’d have said they were crazy!

Is it what we expected? That’s hard to say, as we really didn’t have much to base our comparison on (a virtual tour of Finnsnes on Google earth, two short TV programs including pictures of Finnsnes, and a couple of hours spent in conversation with key staff in the church!). But here are some thoughts:

  • The weather is warmer and the winter is shorter than I had expected (perhaps it’s easy to say that now the snow is melting, it was 11C in the shade today, and we almost have 24 hour daylight back).
  • Winter driving has been less arduous / dangerous than expected – at least this year.
  • We’ve not been very badly affected by the winter darkness.
  • Whilst we don’t speak like natives, language is mostly not an issue.
  • Parish life is much busier and perhaps more exciting than we expected (although life with God’s people should always be exciting!).

We’ll re-visit these thoughts next year!

Here I am to worship

I have been reminded again and again of the words going through my mind as ‘my’ plane came in to land at Bardufoss a year ago.

Here I am to worship, here I am to bow down,
Here I am to say that You’re my King.
You’re altogether lovely, altogether worthy,
Altogether wonderful to me.

That is they are the reason we are here – to worship!

Thank you Lord – what a privilege.

One response to “Celebrating A Year In Norway! – Part 2

  1. More than any of your experiences or “adventures”, your simple testimony of faith is the most compelling and beautiful. You write “God called us here” pretty much like most people would say “it’s raining today”, as a simple matter of fact. I would not be honest if I did not admit that I envy you in this: to me His ways are sometimes, frankly, quite baffling and I struggle to make sense out of some situations (“where is God in this?”).

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