Trip To Fjordgård

On Friday there was a funeral in Fjordgård on north Senja. We decided to go together, using the return journey for a bit of a ‘photo tour’. Driving is now much easier as all the roads are clear of snow and ice.  Here are the results:

Views of Stønesbotn (Vågen), Senja (click here for  360 panorama). Most of the ‘sea ice’ is now gone. We also saw a large (sea?) eagle , being mobbed by angry seagulls.

Øyfjorden has Fjordgård on it’s western bank, and the island community of Husøy just off its eastern bank. As the crow (or should that be seagull) flies, it’s about 2 miles, but 17 miles by road. (Click here for a 360 degree panorama)

Mefjord is the next fjord west, with mountains which plunge steeply into the sea. (Click here for a 360 degree panorama).

The ice on the lakes beside the pass from Mefjord to Stønesbotn on Senja is just starting to melt reflecting light in hues from light blue to green:


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