We’ll Keep The Red Flag Flying Here . . .

Wednesday was the 1st of May, celebrated around the world variously as Labour Day, Labor Day, Workers’ Day, or possibly some kind of pagan spring festival.

In Norway it’s a public holiday (known as a ‘red day’, not for political reasons, but because public holidays are marked on calenders, planners, diaries, etc, in red ink). Finnsnes was mostly deserted: everything was shut (except the church and petrol stations), and everyone is on holiday (except church staff, petrol station workers, and other ‘essential workers’).

To honor this ‘doing nothing’ day, Finnsnes band lead a procession around the town. Susanna looked good in her new uniform. It was her first time ‘marching’ since she was about 8 years old in Earby Band, and having slightly nervous parents, she borrowed an instrument for the day (not sure what we would have told the insurance company if she had dropped her brand new instrument!). For a relatively small group they made good sound – it’s just a shame there weren’t a few more people to hear them. I guess they must have been enjoying doing nothing too much to come out. Or maybe it was because it started to snow . . . .


3 responses to “We’ll Keep The Red Flag Flying Here . . .

  1. Hmm. I’m not sure your post would gain undivided admiration were it written in Norwegian.

    I can certainly agree that many people use the 1st May as an excuse to “do nothing” – just as we in the church must sadly concede the same for major festivals that are also “red days”. Nevertheless, for those who mark the occasion (however few in both cases), and for whom these days exist, there is a purpose to it all.

    Methinks Yorkshire Viking has a blog coming on in the not so distant future…

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