Sunday marked the end of confirmations in Finnsnes church, with possibly the biggest congregation ever (713 were counted) and it was standing room only – even after putting a lot of extra ‘illegal’ chairs! It was also a day of mixed emotions as one of the young ladies who was confirmed had lost her father the day before: our prayers are with her and her family. All 4 services in Finnsnes church have been very encouraging with 1200 – 1500 people hearing God’s invitation, and Frank (catechist / youth minister) struck a fantastic balance between youthful , energetic worship, a sense of the ‘weight’ of what was being done. The music was a mix of traditional hymns and contemporary worship songs with organ and the church band. Many people young and old alike commented after the services that they were the best conformations they had ever attended, and one grandmother even wrote to the paper!

Sunday was rounded out with a trip to play for worship in Botnhamn – one of the outer villages on Senja. Some of the road is very bad with sudden dips in the surface caused by harsh winter temperatures ‘buckling’ the road width ways which feel like they might break the car suspension. This makes travel a bit slow, but I was very thankful of that when I suddenly encountered Rudoph and one of his pals, wandering around in the middle of the road, and in no hurry to get out of the way!

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