A True Gentleman

Last week we heard the sad news that our dear friend Arthur Doyle had passed into the Lord’s presence, although we are glad that he is now out of pain and reunited with his beloved May.

In his mid 80s Arthur was one of the longest standing members of the Prince George choir, who had served over many decades and only recently finally had to give up due to health issues. Despite serious back pain and failing eyesight he cheerfully climbed the rather dangerous spiral staircase to the choir loft and always did the extra trip for communion too. He was a fine bass, able to really get some power in the lower register and it always made me smile to hear him single the final note of a hymn or anthem ‘down the octave’. He repeatedly told me that he knew that some people stayed in choirs long after their voice was gone, and he always wanted me to just tell him when it was time for him to quit. That day never came!

As well as being a wonderful and dedicated singer, he was truly a gentle man, a devoted husband to Mary Lou, and possessed a deep faith.

He was a good friend to us, always encouraging and complimentary, a loyal ‘fan’ of Midday Musical Moments, and appreciative of what we did. We have many fond memories.

Today is his funeral and we’re sad not to be able to be with our Georgetown ‘family’, and especially David, the Gates and the Doyles. Here are a couple of pictures from happier days in rehearsal:

A_True_Gentleman_01 A_True_Gentleman_02

One response to “A True Gentleman

  1. Caroline McLaughlin

    Jonathan, thank you so much for the very kind words about Papa! You and Sarah meant the world to him.

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