Barnekor On Tour

Last Sunday we took the Finnsnes Church Barnekor (Junior Choir) on tour. We hired a bus and about 20 excited children and 10 parents, plus Sarah, Solrun (our fantastic volunteer helper), Benjamin (one of our drummers), Glenn (clergy) and Mereta (our parish children’s worker) and I traveled first to Botnhamn and then on to Husøy to help lead family worship. The children sang in 4 languages, with the music ranging from regular hymns, through a variety of ‘all age’ songs, to Cesaer Frank’s Panis Angelicus – so pretty varied!

We also enjoyed coffee and cake in both places, and hotdogs in the fish factory canteen on Husøy. A grand time was had by all!

Sarah and I were pretty busy, so one of the dads took some pictures. Here was Botnhamn:

and this was Husøy:


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