Staff On Tour

Hot on the heels of our Barnekor Tour came the staff tour.

On Tuesday we ‘car pooled’ to Botnhamn on Senja (about an hour away) and caught the ferry over to Brensholmen which is quite near Tromsø (but would take nearly 3 hours to drive). It was quite a blowy day, but despite a bit of movement on the ferry, thankfully no one was ill. The scenery was beautiful, despite rather dark clouds.

One arrival we drove onto Summerøy (via the large bridge in the pictures) and then over a smaller bridge to Hillesøya. Here we assembled initially to ‘kose oss’ with coffee in a dark hut with sheepskin seats and a wood burning stove (after all, it is almost the middle of summer), followed by various ‘team building’ exercises involving silly walks, blindfolds, building things and bows & arrows. Of special note was Sarah-The-Archer-Blamire who shot the only bulls-eye. As you can see, it wasn’t very warm out!

We all took ‘grill mat’ (food to cook on a barbeque), and after lunch the braver amongst us had a quick go on the high ropes course:

After our high wire excitement some people went off to walk up the mountain, others had a guided tour by an islander (. . . my great aunt lives here . . . over to the right you can see the sea . . . this is where my cousin’s cat likes to sun itself . . . over there you can see the sea . . . etc. all in a very strong dialect), and the rest of us sat outside the local hotel and drank coffee (most of the guests have their own ‘cabin’ arranged around the little cove – all rather reminiscent of the Caribean . . . ).

At the appointed hour we drove back to the ferry (past the half tractor and the heavily weighted ‘portaloo’ and then on home. The weather was sunnier by then, although still windy.


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