She Shall Have Ribbons

Driving recently with Sarah brought to mind a line from the old English nursery rhyme ‘Ride a cock horse to Banbury Cross’ – ‘and she shall have ribbons where ever she goes’. The roads here are now lined with what looks like a continuous ribbon of flowers, especially when seen from a moving car. It’s beautiful, with a range of flowers (weeds or ugress in Norwegian) in colours from yellow and orange through to blue and purple.  Probably the only ‘man-made’ intervention in the process is that the seeds are most likely driven along by vehicles, providing very even coverage!


One response to “She Shall Have Ribbons

  1. Yes it is beautiful. However, how are your evergreens? They are dying where I live in many places, often with a dramatic brown die-back reminiscent of Dutch elm disease. It is happening in the woods, and with trees standing on their own. I have even seen it happen in a potted tree outside our former bank!

    Yorkshire Viking will be covering this, making an exception for colour photography to show people what to look out for. Perhaps you, Jon, can examine your fir trees and see how they are looking at your end?

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