Segla – The Sail

On Saturday I went walking with Glenn, chaplain to north Senja.

We decided to walk from Fjordgård (where we have one of our chapel buildings) up to the top of Segla (the sail). Segla is on the ridge between Mefjord and Øyfjorden. From Mefjord it looks a bit like a spinnaker (a type of sail), rising 639pm (2096 feet) from the sea, almost completely vertically. Some locals refer to it as Senja’s ‘Prekenstol’ (meaning pulpit), although Norway’s “real” pulpit rock is in the south, near Stavanger. Seen from above, the mountain is almost wedge shaped, and the cliff face down to the village of Fjordgård is also spectacular – an almost featureless sheet of grey. ‘Archive’ pictures taken from Fjordgård and Mefjord.

The day dawned clear, but as soon as we got through the tunnel to Øyfjorden, we were met by low cloud, which didn’t look promising for a walk to take photos. However, at about the half way point we emerged from the cloud on to the lowest point to the ridge. It was amazing to see Øyfjorden full of cloud, and Mefjord completely clear. The cloud was being blown over the ridge and rolled down the cliff like dry ice. Here are some pictures and a short video (shot in wind so no audio, and some tripod wobble: sorry!):

By the time we reached the top with its panoramic views of Senja the sun was out. There’s an interactive panorama here.


Having signed in the book, we dared a quick peek over the edge of the cliff which is quite stomach churning, before eating lunch and taking pictures and more video. You can get an almost birds eye-view of Fjordgård. In the distance on the other side of Øyfjorden you can just make out the island community of Husøy.

On the way down we considered a quick swim in the lake above Fjordgård but the mygg (mosquitos) got the better of us and we headed for home!

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