Earlier in the summer we had a great staff trip / team building day on the beautiful island of Hillesøya so we  decided this would be a good excursion for mum and dad too.

We drove the hour to Botnhamn and caught the ferry to Brensholmen. Thankfully there wasn’t much wind although the journey takes you across a short stretch of water exposed to the Atlantic ocean, so the boat does get gently rocked by an Atlantic swell. Here is the view looking out towards the Atlantic from the ferry: all the land on the left is the island of Senja, Hillesøya has two hills (just to the right of centre), the distinctive ‘sharks fin’ mountain is called Nipen on the island of Håja and the land on the right is the large island of Kvaløya:


Having landed at Brensholmen on Kvaløya we drove over the very elegant single track bridge to Sommarøya and then on to Hillesøya, passing many small islands with beautiful white / yellow sandy beaches with turquoise sea:

Once on Hillesøya we walked the larger hill (almost to the top), enjoyed the flowers, birds and took in the amazing views. A wonderful day out, rounded off nicely by being almost the last car allowed on the ferry (some people had to wait for the next one!).


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