A Call To Pray

Dear Praying Friends,

Back in December I wrote about some dear Srilankan friends in the Finnsnes congregation who were suddenly ‘collected’ for deportation after two failed asylum applications, and a few days later miraculously returned for another hearing after their plane to Sri Lanka was ordered to return whilst taxiing for take-off. After months of waiting they have again been refused for reasons which don’t make sense (at least to me). Whilst it is still possible to appeal, they are now in limbo (and fear) because it’s possible that they could be deported before their lawyer returns from holiday to be able to start the appeal process.

There are also two other families in the church facing similar deportation situations, one from Iraq where they have death threats from their families because of their conversion to Christianity, and the other from Ethiopia where they face persecution for involvement in opposition politics and relief work.

It’s one thing to hear Jesus words:

“I tell you, my friends, do not be afraid of those who kill the body and after that can do no more”. (Luke 12: 4)

 . . . it is quite another to put them into practice. We ask you to pray for them, that they will know God’s peace and that ways can be found for them to stay.

Thank you.


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