Sunset Cycling

This week we’ve had a rather big set of plan changes. Sarah’s mum was due to visit us in Finnsnes, accompanied on her way by Susanna (returning from 2 weeks in England). There after Sarah should have flown with her mum to Denmark to visit family before mum returned to England and Sarah came back to Finnsnes. However, Sarah’s mum is ill and unable to travel, so Sarah has gone to England instead, leaving me to my own devices for a few days.

Yesterday evening being very fine, calm and warm, I set out for a couple of hours on my bike which has been rather neglected since we came here. As well as being good exercise, cycling allows more time to (safely) take in the views, such as this heron fishing, and the ‘layering’ of the distant mountains:

Whilst it wasn’t strictly sunset (I was home by 10:30) it also brought home that winter and ‘mørketid’ (the dark time) are now on their way: it’s only a couple of weeks since we lost the midnight sun and already we are down from 24 to 19.5 hours of sun!


One response to “Sunset Cycling

  1. Indeed. This Saturday is the very first when civil twilight ends at midnight (this is the “lightest” twilight immediately after sunset). Two weeks later, the night to all intents and purposes will be back when nautical twilight also ends at midnight for the first time. Strictly speaking – I told thee I was a pedant! – astronomical twilight will not end until midnight on the 14th September, but in *practice* it is night after nautical twilight anyway. So it is going quickly now!

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