Hands Across The Water

Next Saturday I’m traveling to Lødingen on the Lofoten Islands (about 3.5 hours drive south of Finnsnes) to play a joint concert with Christopher Briggs, who preceded me as kantor here in Finnsnes. We’ll play both organ and piano, including a duet, and some of the piece will be accompanied by images / video. You can read what Christopher has written about the concert here.

We have many things in common, including a love of photography, so in honour of our up-coming collaboration here is one of his recent pictures, described in his own words below:



The mountain in the middle is “Norway’s mountain” (Norges nasjonalfjell, Stetind) http://www.stetind.nu/ and it is worth considering how large a thundercloud is when you compare it to the mightiest mountains!

The thunderstorms occurred mainly inland on the other side of the fjord, and here in Lødingen we had lovely sunny weather and could watch them from afar.


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