Sommer I Nord

Last week Finnsnes church was the venue for Sommer I Nord (summer in the north), a Christian conference. It’s orgainsed by Normisjon, separate from the Norwegian Church, but many people from our parish are involved. Whilst the requirements of weddings, funerals and other services meant we couldn’t get to everything, we enjoyed the evening meeting with a range of speakers from across Norway and a music group which blended contemporary instruments and music with cello and classical elements. Having speakers from other areas certainly tested our Norwegian; unlike some countries were people moderate their accent / dialect to aid communication, here the onus is often on the listener to try to understand! So, we have almost no idea what the man from Bergen said (along with about 50% of the other attendees!).

To our surprise (and that of his parents) we also met Matt Rishton a friend of Susanna’s from England who now works organising youth events for Normisjon. Susanna and Matt enjoyed singing the English words to songs (really loudly) which everyone else was singing in Norwegian translation!

No pictures, but if you find yourself in Finnsnes in August 2014 with a few days to spare (and you speak Norwegian), it’s highly recommended.


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