Runway Clear For Landing

Yesterday Susanna and I drove to Tromsø to  collect Sarah from the airport. There are direct flights from London to Tromsø at the moment which is nearly convenient: they currently get in at 9pm, after the last ferry back to Finnsnes which means either a night in a hotel or 5 hours for someone to drive there and back.

Airport parking is expensive, so we decided to wait in the shopping centre car park which is next to the airport and free, thinking we would spot Sarah’s plane landing and drive round to pick here up. After a few minutes wait we were rather shocked to see not a commercial airliner landing, but a stream of parachutists. We had just begun to wonder if perhaps Norwegian (the airline) was economising by not landing the plane, just pushing out the passengers, when we got a call from Sarah to say her plane was already in. Even so . . .


3 responses to “Runway Clear For Landing

  1. So good to hear from you- hope everything is well with you. Ah – the joys
    of flying- I have spent the night in a hotel in Atlanta because I missed a
    flight to Myrtle Beach by five minutes! Old saying here – you can’t even go to heaven without going thru Atlanta. Zella

    • Arctic Organist

      Good to hear from you too, Zella. Sorry to hear about your travel woes. Hope you’re not planning on a trip to heaven anytime soon!

  2. I hope you haven’t given the airlines any ideas! Am catching up on posts I missed today. Sometimes I get interrupted and miss a few. Love, love the blog!

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